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Child Safety

ABCs of Child Safety at the Fair

The Schaghticoke Fair is a wonderful time for families and children. It features an exciting atmosphere with large crowds and something to grab your attention at every turn. Occasionally, in the shuffle of the crowd, the noise and the distractions, children can become separated from their parents or group. Here are some helpful hints for finding each other should you become separated.

We encourage parents/guardians to take and store a photo of their child/children before entering the fairgrounds to assist security in locating them if you should become separated. Point out security personnel to your children and uniformed police officers, including the New York State Police and the Rensselaer County Sherriff's Department.

The Rensselaer County Sheriff's Department executes a child identification program every day in the Rensselaer County Building (located at the back end of the firehouse). Your child's photo and fingerprints will be taken and made into a package for you to keep in case of an emergency.

Lost and Found services are located in the main office building on the fairgrounds, (building # 4). Please refer to the map in your fair program for the exact location. Please let your child know in case you are separated from one another that this is where to go.

Children and their families are an integral component of the Schaghticoke Fair. We thank you for your patronage and wish you a happy and safe time at the fair.